Live OneCare duh….

live pic

Recently switched to a new laptop to use while a bunch of guys tried to figure out how to get Vundo and a nasty  link redirecting virus off my beloved Toshiba. Browsing became a pain. Racked my brains for days and tried different antiviruses, deleting weird looking entries from the registry, HijackThis etc…and finally the WMD itself: VundoFix. Nothing worked.Nada!  Honestly, I admire the guy(s) who wrote this thing.  Don’t ask how i got infected; okay went down a “dark alley” online to get some prized warez.

So here i am, with this laptop running Windows Live OneCare and i get  the notification above . A security software suite whose firewall component is suspicious of its OWN aiding component. Jeez! No wonder the folks who screwed up my pc are encouraged.